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  • Preventive Maintenance
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  • Lift trailers
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Major Repairs

Major RepairsAMP Heavy Plant and Engineering is often charged with undertaking major repairs to the equipment we service – whether that be breakdown, or preventive maintenance.

As coded welders AMP Heavy Plant and Engineering delivers maintenance solutions that ensure all repairs are both safe and legal.

Major repairs usually involve transmission repairs, axle repairs, and hydraulic ram repairs or replacements – a major strip-down in other words. It will be no surprise to learn that, much like our clients, we prefer to do this type of work as part of a preventive maintenance schedule. However, even with the best preventive maintenance schedule in place, emergency breakdowns still do occur for unforeseen reasons and so we have to undertake major repairs in both scenarios.

With an emergency repair, the priority is almost always to have the machine up and running as soon as possible. Even so, we can often use this work to feed back into a preventive maintenance schedule to tackle issues that would be best addressed under more relaxed conditions.

In a total strip-down situation it is often possible to see opportunities for improvement. Where the use of the equipment is perhaps not quite what the manufacturer had in mind, stresses can fall onto unexpected parts causing early or unscheduled failure. Armed with this knowledge we can often effect a repair that improves the machine beyond that of the original specification.

Improving the specification saves money over time by lengthening the maintenance intervals and reducing significantly unscheduled breakdown repairs.