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Preventive Maintenance

Preventative MaintenancePreventive maintenance is often seen purely as a cost to the business  – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

From hard experience, over many years, we have seen just how expensive not undertaking preventive maintenance can really be.

Preventive maintenance is not a cost, but an investment. An investment to minimise downtime, maximise productivity and minimise unforeseeable secondary damage – caused to components in good condition, when other components experience catastrophic failure in operation.

Preventive maintenance ensures that repairs are made in a controlled manner at a time that suits the business like a shut down, or other quiet period. It also allows time to evaluate how well the machine is doing and perhaps effecting a repair that will make the machine more robust and extend the length of the next maintenance interval.

This approach also extends the life of the machine increasing the return on the original investment and providing more time to plan and finance a future replacement.

Not least of the considerations in choosing to adopt a preventive maintenance approach, rather than waiting for a breakdown, is ensuring the machine is safe to operate, safe to to be around and ultimately legal. If the safety of employees and bystanders is not a sufficient reason (as it should be), then consider vicarious liability and the possibility of being imprisoned if someone is injured, or killed by a failure to prevent an accident that would have been foreseeable if the machine had been maintained correctly.

Preventive maintenance can be easily implemented and AMP Heavy Plant Engineering can provide both advice and detailed consultancy in setting up a schedule suitable to individual machines. Better still, we can also manage the schedule, plan the downtime, order parts and undertake the maintenance work.

In other words AMP Heavy Plant Engineering can offer a full managed service solution that takes the maintenance problem out of the hands of the business, but ultimately saves the business money.

Case Study – Pentalver at Tilbury Docks

A very good example of the fully manged service that AMP Heavy Plant Engineering offers is for Pentalver at Tilbury Docks.

Pentalver offers a combination of transport, storage and inland container logistics solutions around the UK including Tilbury Docks.

AMP Heavy Plant Engineering has drawn up maintenance schedules for all machines and works with the company to plan downtime that is convenient and minimises disruption.

As part of the arrangement AMP Heavy Plant Engineering handles parts ordering to make sure replacements are ready in good time before the maintenance work is undertaken. General servicing work such regular oiling, greasing, oil checks etc, are also handled.

From time to time, unforeseeable emergencies do occur, but when they do we can usually effect the repair much more quickly because the machinery is known to us and because the preventive maintenance work keeps this type of breakdown to minor components.

In the words of the Site Manager at Pentalver, Tibury “AMP Heavy Plant Engineering has been an excellent support partner to us. For a number of years now their approach to maintenance has saved us time, money and ensured that Pentalver can continue to offer the excellent service levels our clients have come to expect as standard.”

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If you would like to know more about how our preventive maintenance services could support your business  – please get in touch.